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Our owner , Mimi, made this necklace. She saw the white and black tumbled stones and loved the "I can wear this with everything" quality!  The heavy chain quality is a favorite of hers and works great in necklaces or bracelets. The beads that finish the design are 6mm to 8mm Grey Moonstone. And let's just talk about the big lobster catch that has a very Italian feel! Length is 20 inches. 

Moonstone has a cool property called adularescence which is the light that appears to billow across a gemstone, giving its surface a glowing appearance. Perhaps the most captivating aspect of adularescence is its appearance of motion. The misty light seems to roll across the gem’s surface as you change the viewing angle.

Statement Necklace Dalmation Rainbow Moonstone on heavy Sterling Silver Chain

SKU: G1487
  • Care Instructions

    Like most gemstones, moonstones are delicate and should be handled with care. To clean, simply use warm (not hot) water with a mild soap to cleanse. You can even use a soft bristled brush if necessary. Then, simply dry with a soft cloth.

    When cleaning the sterling silver chain, a soft silver cloth is recommended, and not a chemical dip.