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Sterling silver ring handmade by artist  Gabriel Pena with a cabachon Tanzanite and a crystal Apatite gem set in bezels. Now that is a statement piece!  He only had two rings left, but I would have bought dozens of his designs!  He is a favorite new artist of ours!


Gabriel moved to Taxco at a young age.  His dream was always to be able to have a creative life.  He began studying at a very young age at a private arts school in Taxco where he took classes in Drawing, Sculpture and Silversmithing.  He excelled at each class he attended and soon eclipsed the teachers who claimed they had nothing more to teach him.  He has spent his life dedicated to the creative process and helms a successful studio that produces his jewelry designs usually involving natural stones. 


Handmade Sterling Silver Gabriel Pena Cabachon Tanzanite & Apatite Ring

SKU: g1736