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Check It Out...Please!

Recently a lady came in to our jewelry studio to get loose diamonds in a ring tightened. She asked the jeweler "How often should I get my jewelry checked?"

We told her to think about coming in as the seasons change. After a long pause and a loud chuckle, she said she hadn't had that ring checked in 14 years!

Clean and Check Benefits:

1. Avoidable expense- Be proactive and make sure settings are proper. Jewelry that is worn everyday needs to be checked several times a year.

2. Avoidable loss- Nothing feels worse than loosing a favorite piece of jewelry due to a loose catch or weak spot in the metal. We hear about jewelry loss from trying on clothes to traveling quite a bit.

3. Stone Falls Out- "I just looked down and my stone was gone!" Prongs need to be checked regularly because they get thin or break off.

4. Sanitation- There is a term in our industry called "Watch Cheese". I will not be descriptive but you can imagine! All jewelry holds on to "things" we would rather not describe including rings, watches, earrings and bracelets. Regular cleaning will get the biscuit dough etc. out from under your stones and prongs.

5. Prevent premature wear and erosion- Dirty jewelry is the enemy to longevity.

6. Let the Bling Sing- Maximize the sparkle and glory of natures beauties! We can clean and repolish most jewelry for $10 .00 to $20.00 and make the piece "SHOWROOM NEW".