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Pearls On A String:A Care Guide

Every Southern girl loves her pearls and can remember her mom or grandmother in her pearls! I have fond memories of my grandmother fully accessorized in her pearls as she reveled in New Orleans society! You have to love a jewelry piece that goes easily with a casual or formal wardrobe. Pearls are easy and will never go out of style!



A Simple Guide to Pearl Care:

1. Pearls should be the last thing you put on when you get dressed and the first thing you take off.

Cosmetics, lotions and perfume can damage the organic surface of the pearl.

2. Store pearls away from any metal jewelry when not being worn.

The pearls can be scratched and damaged by other karat gold, platinum and sterling jewelry.

3. Store pearl strands flat and in a box or soft pouch.

This will help to preserve the durability of the silk stringing thread. Hanging pearl necklaces causes the thread to stretch and accelerates the need to be restrung.

4. Do not exercise and perspire on or shower/bath or swim in pearls.

It's also best to avoid direct sunlight or high temperatures such as in a sauna. Pearls are organic and porous and can absorb other liquids and damage the pearls luster.

5. Cleaning

Simply and gently wipe the pearls with a very damp (water) soft cloth while avoiding getting the string and knots wet. Air dry. NO CHEMICALS should ever be used for cleaning your pearls. If you are meticulous in daily wear and care this cleaning does not need to be done often at all.

6. Stringing

Pearl stringing only needs to be done if the strand breaks or becomes unknotted at the clasp. For either circumstance, the entire strand must be restrung on new silk (preferable) thread. A knotted strand is preferred because it will catch the pearls in case the strand ever breaks. It's no fun chasing down rolling pearls!

Fee: $3.50/inch. (*At the date of this blog.)

Example an 18 inch complete strand knotted at every pearl costs $63.00. I finish the ends at the catch with french wire for a more finished and sturdy end.

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