Are you looking to find out what your jewelry is worth? Do you need an insurance appraisal to get your jewelry insured? Our expert appraisers can determine the value  of your pieces and provide the documentation required for insurance. 


The appraisal documents that we provide are typed and include photographs of the appraised pieces of jewelry. We also include a copy for your agent. Many insurance companies require a Gemologist to sign the appraisal to be valid.  Mimi Brummitt is a Graduate Gemologist with the GIA and a Certified Gemologist with the AGS.  She has been appraising jewelry for 28 years.  


Basic appraisal fees

  • Starting at $125 per hour, $50 minimum. For example, a basic, round, brilliant diamond solitaire item can typically be done in 45 minutes.

  • Groups of more than 5 items may be offered a discounted rate.

  • $35 to update pricing from any old appraisal. Customer must provide the old appraisal if it is more than five years old. For Ora appraisals (our former business) older than five years, we will do update pricing only if we still have an Ora appraisal on file or that it can be easily found. For all updates, we must examine the item again in person to verify it still exists and get pictures, any information missing from the old appraisal and the current condition.


All appraisals include cleaning the items and inspecting prongs and settings. If we detect any problems that need repair we will advise you during the appraisal session.

We also offer​​

  • Simple listings to provide basic information only on simple items. Several items can be listed on one page. For example: “18 inch 14k yellow gold link chain. 5 grams, Retail Replacement Value $ ____”.

  • Counter evaluations to help sort large groups of items into quality and value.

  • Family history and pictures may be added to an appraisal to document the heritage of the item.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our appraisal services. We look forward to meeting you!

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